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We found this document in an FFFBI trash can, and as sworn Agents of the Free Press, we present it to you here:

FFFBI Internal Memorandum ref: 786Ugh


Our Advertising Agency thinks the FFFBI needs to improve its public image, and they've suggested the following new slogans for us to consider.

  • Our Agents are now 27% cleaner!
  • Nobody is smarter than the FFFBI. Except maybe the CIIIA. And InterPoultry. And Scotland Barnyard. And that kid on the corner with the yo-yo.
  • Even the baddest bad guys like to be arrested by Agents of the Triple F.
  • Forget everything you read in the papers: we're great. Honest we are.
  • Ostriches, antelopes, eels and weasels: everyone is welcome at the FFFBI, although parking is limited.
  • Of all the Bureaus of Investigation you might need, the Fin, Fur and Feather is probably one of the ones you should think about. Maybe.
  • The FFFBI: unlikely to foul things up particularly badly. And that's a promise.