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Wrist's Lists
FFFBI Agent Wrist making a list and talking on the phone

I recently discovered one of Agent Wrist's Lists.
She's a chicken, and one of the Bureau's top Agents.

She seems to have been picking her Ten Favorite Artists, but has replaced a key part in each sentence with something about chickens.

Can you place the correct words in the 10 sentences?

Clue: If you want to be a real detective and search for the answers, a great place to start is the Google Image Search*

My Favorite Artists
by Agent Gwendolyn Wrist…

  • Hokusai painted "The Great Wave," in which a huge and beautiful wave looks as if it's about to land on a couple of chickens.
  • Marc Chagall's painting "The Birthday" shows two people in love, and in the woman's hands is a very colorful chicken—perhaps a gift from the man. Or perhaps it's a gift for him.
  • Edward Hopper's famous painting "Nighthawks" depicts a late-night café, with several chickens drinking coffee inside.
  • Salvador Dali's eerie painting "The Persistence of Memory" shows a series of melted chickens.
  • Frida Kahlo's painting "Self-Portrait Dedicated to Leon Trotsky" shows her holding flowers in one hand and a chicken in the other.
  • Vincent van Gogh's portrait of postman Joseph Roulin shows a man with a large chicken on his chin.
  • Behind Mona Lisa in Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa del Gioconda," a chicken can be seen running off into the distance.
  • Michelangelo's statue of Chicken is one of his best.
  • Georgia O'Keefe is known for her extensive series of paintings of chickens.
  • One of Andy Warhol's paintings is of a giant can of chicken soup.

Answers below (scroll down)


Hokusai — boats

Chagall — a bouquet

Hopper — people

Dali — clocks

Kahlo — letter

van Gogh — beard

da Vinci — river

Michelangelo — David

O'Keefe — Flowers

Warhol — Tomato

*Remember, we didn't make "other" Web sites that Google
shows you, but there may be some good information there.