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Game 1

About the Academy

Game 1 – Step Into the Triple F!


This task requires kids to watch a brief animated video ("Recruitment Video") describing the FFFBI. They then answer questions about specific events and details in the video. Kids can go back and watch parts of the video again to help answer the questions.

Immediate feedback is provided following each question, whether the kid gets it right or wrong.

Skills Targeted:

The Step Into the Triple F! task orients kids to the FFFBI theme and Web site. In addition, the attention-check questions target key deficits associated with ADHD; specifically, the ability to ignore distractions, inhibit impulsive responding, and process details in short-term working memory.

Many parents report that kids with ADHD overestimate their ability to pick up on details and, as a result, respond impulsively to such tasks.

Key Terms and Ideas:

The Step Into the Triple F! task underscores the importance of carefully reading instructions before answering questions. It also highlights the need to review materials to find answers. An effective strategy for answering the questions is to review sections of the video, but impulsive kids may have difficulties taking the time to do so.

Kids should be encouraged to take their time on the task and to review the video when they are uncertain of the answers.

You can liken the experience of "reviewing the FFFBI recruitment video" to reviewing materials necessary for homework, classwork, and chores.