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Game 2

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Game 2 – Orientation


This task requires kids to listen to six characters and answer questions related to the characters' skills, backgrounds, and experiences. The game will not allow kids to proceed before all six character descriptions are played and the questions are answered correctly.

The questions become increasingly difficult with each round. In the later rounds, it becomes very likely that kids will need to listen to the descriptions more than once in order to correctly respond to the questions because the answer to some questions require information from the messages from two or more characters.

This task also introduces most of the characters found within the FFFBI games.

Skills Targeted:

The Orientation task targets key deficits of ADHD, including the ability to inhibit impulsive responding (by forcing kids to listen to each character) and process details in short-term working memory.

Parents often report that kids with ADHD have difficulties attending to, and remembering, specific details from conversations.

Key Terms and Ideas:

Like the Step Into the Triple F task, the Orientation task underscores the need to listen carefully to and review information before responding to questions. Kids will need to monitor whether the information they gather from the characters answers the questions posed by the task, or if they need to listen again to what the characters have said.

You can liken the experience of "listening to the FFFBI characters" to monitoring whether or not they understand and remember details from conversations. When kids find that they do not understand what was said or if they missed an important detail, an effective coping strategy is to ask for clarification or to have information repeated.