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Game 5

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Game 5 – Spy Planner


This task requires kids to schedule evening "homework" times for characters in the FFFBI based on specific requirements outlined on the printed assignment sheet. Once the entire scheduler is filled in, kids can check their responses against the amount of study time required for each "class."

When responses do not match the requirements outlined in the printed assignment sheet, instant feedback and tips are provided. Each round has several possible solutions.

The games get increasingly more complex. In the real world, for example, a kid should really only complete a book report after they have read the book(!). The game introduces these ideas as well as ones where a certain amount of time needs to be given for daily assignments and for ones that have specific due dates.

Skills Targeted:

The Spy Planner task targets organization and planning, which are skill areas that are lagging for many kids with ADHD. Parents often report that kids with ADHD often fail to accurately record assignments or to be able to plan strategies for ensuring that assignments are completed by the time they are due.

Key Terms and Ideas:

In many ways, the Spy Planner mirrors the need for kids to maintain daily planners in order to track school assignments and projects. Parents can liken the experience of playing this game to the need to plan evening activities in order to prepare for the following day's events. In the game, FFFBI agents have to plan three hours worth of evening activities. Parents can contrast this against our recommendation that kids spend less than 90 minutes on homework each night.

Additionally, the Spy Planner introduces color-coding and graphing strategies for planning evening events. You can use these strategies as examples for ways to organize real-life items, such as bookbags, binders, and lockers.

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