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Game 6

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Game 6 – Briefing


This task requires kids to place FFFBI characters onto a "grid" of missions. Each mission requires the FFFBI agents to have two special skills, so agents need to be placed between the missions that require those two specific skills. All the instructions needed for completing this task are in the printed materials found in the Dossier. This game is pretty tricky, and you should feel comfortable helping your kids as you might with difficult homework. (We're also trying to model sound parenting too!)

Skills Targeted:

The Briefing task combines the skills needed from several of the previous games in one activity. Specifically, this task targets short-term working memory, organization, and planning.

Many parents report that kids with ADHD seem easily overwhelmed by large amounts of information and either avoid tasks or rush through their work in an attempt to escape the frustration. When kids rush through their work, they often make careless mistakes.

Key Terms and Ideas:

The "grid" used in this activity is similar to concept maps often used by teachers to help student organize their thoughts and to understand complex relationships. In this manner, the Briefing task is similar to several study skill strategies and, to a lesser extent, many problem solving strategies.

You can liken the Briefing tasking to the act of concept mapping important ideas from classroom materials or to writing out and mentally testing possible solutions for problems.

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