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Game 7

About the Academy

Game 7 – Donut Disturb


This task requires kids to follow instructions (provided in the printed training materials) in order to open a safe containing donuts. Each round gets increasingly difficult, as the number of instructions increase, and the need to read ahead becomes more important.

Failure to follow directions in the correct sequence will result in a loud siren sound and the kid will then have to try again. A tip is provided each time that an incorrect response is given and the alarm is accidentally set off.

Skills Targeted:

The Donut Disturb task targets the ability to follow multiple step, written directions, which is a skill area that is often lagging for kids with ADHD. Parents often report that their kid has difficulties following multiple step directions and find that only parts of the directions are followed without direct parental monitoring.

Written directions — common throughout middle school homework — can also prove taxing, and this game offers directions that need increasing levels of concentration.

Key Terms and Ideas:

The Donut Disturb task highlights the importance of following instructions in the proper sequence to obtain a goal. The task helps highlight several successful strategies, including having written directions and then reading and considering all steps in advance. The activity also encourages kids to double check steps to ensure comprehension and accuracy.

You can liken the experience of Donut Disturb to following multiple step directions, or following the conditions of a behavior contract. In such instances, rewards are obtained only after all steps are followed correctly, and it is a reasonable strategy to write those steps down or follow a checklist to ensure comprehension and accuracy.

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