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Field Reports

This is intelligence from our Field Agents (that's you). Discover what your fellow Agents are up to. Missions, mysteries, and more!

To file your own Report, send us an Eel-Mail.

Deputy Director Napoleon responds to your mail

Field Agent: Emma / age: 6 / location: Mississippi
I think this Web site stinks!

Napoleon replies:
But I just had it dry-cleaned!

Field Agent: Urmah / age: Very old / location: Oklahoma

Napoleon replies:
That's a cool way to write! At-they's a ool-cay a-way oo-tay ite-wray! s'that a looc yaw ot etirw!

Field Agent: Black Jay / age: 9 / location: Pennsylvania
My toy, blue eyes white dragon was lost and I really needed to find it for show and tell at school. However it was so deeply lost until my cat Puffy couldn't even find it. And she is cat detective. So I called on Puffy the cat detective to help find my blue eyes dragon toy. She wouldn't do anything until I fed her. So as I went to go get Puffy the cat food, I then heard a loud cat meowing sound coming from my bedroom. And suddenly I looked and saw chocolate prints on my wall going down towards my toys. Now whose prints could it have been? Now after all this that has happened to me, my little sister and brother come in my room and teases my about losing my toy. Get out of my room I said! Meanwhile I turn and begin to look at the prints. Yeah, I looked and stared at the chocolate prints and why were they on my toys, so I said to myself. So I went to go feed my cat and lo and behold my cat also had chocolate on her paws. Now I traced the chocolate prints and what do you think I found?

Napoleon replies:
I'm not sure, but that chocolate sure sounds good!

Field Agent: Elizabeth / age: 12 / location: Minnesota
FFFBI.com is really fun. But I must go. My undercover submarine is waiting for me to uncover who is behind the missing seahorses! (I think it is CRUST)

Napoleon replies:
Hmm... They DID just order 100 tiny saddles, so I think you're on the right track!

Field Agent: Karina / age: 10 / location: Texas
I solved the mystery myself. The mystery was looking for my niece's diapers. I did find a few clues.

Napoleon replies:
I'm not sure I want to know what kind of clues led you to diapers...

Field Agent: Jerrilyn / age: 13 / location: Ohio
I want to talk about clothing because I like to talk about clothing. There is just so much to talk about. Clothing has such good style. Okay, well I just wanted to tell you that I wanted to talk about clothing.

Napoleon replies:
I feel that way about doughnuts: so round... so powdery... so delicious!

Field Agent: Agent Z / age: 13 / location: Texas
Agent Z here! I can't tell you where here is, though. You have probably already guessed that I'm undercover on a top secret mission! It's so secret, I didn't even know I was on it. I still am not sure I'm on it, but anyway, that information is classified, as is this message. I will probably have to eat this message when it's over! Agent Z over and out!

Napoleon replies:
Great work! Or at least I THINK it's great work. It's a little hard to tell...

Field Agent: Patrick / age: 10 / location: Kansas
Never mind. We won't destroy you.

Napoleon replies:
Thanks! We appreciate it.

Field Agent: Emily / age: 8 / location: California
Me and my friend Taylor found a hole. Who made it? We don't know. Well we know one thing: it wasn't there before.

Napoleon replies:
That's the thing about holes: One moment they're not there, the next moment they are there... and the NEXT moment your entire doughnut is gone!

Field Agent: Cornelia / age: 11 / location: Singapore
Hi. I am an undercover agent on a stolen violin case. I wanted to have agent training and came across this site. All the activities here can be described in three words: Fun. Fun, FUN! The missions were the greatest. I also discovered how to do a code called Hencode.

Napoleon replies:
Good luck, Agent Cornelia, with your violin case... case.