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International Survey

Agents from around the world have filled out our survey. Here's what they've told us about their countries.

If you'd like, you too can fill out our International Survey.

Agent Bao sipping tea

Agent Name: Rebecca

Age: 13

Location: Timberlea, Nova Scotia, Canada

Snack supplies for stakeout: Popcorn

Music choice to pass the time: Good Charlotte

Country description: My country is the second largest country in the world. We speak English and French. We have very cold winters here with a lot of snow. We make a lot of maple syrup. I do believe it's our national delicacy. I think we are a very peaceful and friendly country. We have a prime minister, not a president, and we have coins for 1 dollar and 2 dollars, not bills like the United States have.

Recreation plans: I would love to go to Florida. I want to go to Disney World and Sea World and ride the dolphins. It's my lifelong dream to ride a dolphin.

Surveillance notes: We drive cars. You might see a moose or Sasquatch, and people here wear western-style clothing. Some people are into Gothic clothes lately, which is when you wear all black, but I personally find that style of wear just plain freaky.

Home life after work: I live in single dwelling that it is brown. There are many trees in my neighbourhood. My family is very nice, we laugh a lot.

Recent movies views: I saw "Without A Paddle." I loved it. I thought it was hilariously funny.

Non-FFFBI career choice: Teacher

Additional information: They should know that Canada is a very nice country.