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International Survey

Agents from around the world have filled out our survey. Here's what they've told us about their countries.

If you'd like, you too can fill out our International Survey.

Agent Bao sipping tea

Agent Name: W

Age: 11

Location: Cullman and Marion, Alabama

Snack supplies for stakeout: Graham Crackers

Music choice to pass the time: Classical Beethoven and Willie Nelson

Country description: In Cullman, a lot of people think that they're the best thing that happened to the world, snooty. In Marion, everyone's kind of laid back

Recreation plans: Vacation, beach, camp, staying at my dad's and mom's places.

Surveillance notes: In Marion, my Dad's family owns land. People are usually wearing blue jeans and what they want to. You also see a lot of deer. In Cullman, Everyone follows everyone else. For an example, if I made a purse or got a certain shirt, the next day everybody else would too.

Home life after work: Cullman: I go to school, I usually ride my bike, play with my cats eat supper and do homework. Marion: I visit on weekends and my Dad and I are very outdoorsy. Today for example, We went out on our lake and saw a beaver and a deer. We also walked to the campsite that we once stayed at for a week without leaving!

Non-FFFBI career choice: Vet (I LOVE animals)