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International Survey

Agents from around the world have filled out our survey. Here's what they've told us about their countries.

If you'd like, you too can fill out our International Survey.

Agent Bao sipping tea

Agent Name: Swahili

Age: 12

Location: Surfers Paradise, Australia

Snack supplies for stakeout: Chocolate

Music choice to pass the time: Gwen Stefani

Country description: Everyone thinks we all live on farms and use the terms "mate", "g'day" and so on and so forth. But we are just ordinary people with ordinary accents.

Recreation plans: Going to Sydney and seeing some of my family.

Surveillance notes: The weather is a cool 27 degrees; mainly public transport like buses; brand-name clothing like Roxy, Billabong and Nike; hear car engines and police sirens and sharks.

Home life after work: I live in a resort along the river just behind the beach and the new Q1 Tower.

Non-FFFBI career choice: I would like to be an author and publish books similar to that of Virginia Woolf.

Additional information: I'm not an Australian stereotype, Surfers Paradise is the tourist capital of Australia and Virginia Woolf is my favourite author.