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International Survey

Agents from around the world have filled out our survey. Here's what they've told us about their countries.

If you'd like, you too can fill out our International Survey.

Agent Bao sipping tea

Agent Name: Guinevere

Age: 12

Location: United States of America

Snack supplies for stakeout: Chewing gum to help myself work harder

Music choice to pass the time: Pachelbel's Canon, smooth and relaxing

Country description: Nothing really, the stereotypes are just untrue saying of sarcasm. My country is an independent country that respects one another, or at least they're suppose to.

Recreation plans: I'm looking forward to being outside with the trees, plants, and nature.

Surveillance notes: Well, the air was crisp, and the chipmunks scurried about my feet as I walked through the dry forest of the Unknown. The only thing I could hear was the twigs cracking as I stepped on them making my way through. A beautiful hawk laid upon a high branch as he watched me closely making my way through.

Home life after work: My home is a caring place where people listen to what you have to say and respect you for who you are. Lots of nature to help you see what life is all about. The animals there are protected with your hope working like magic.

Recent movies views: The last movie I saw was Spirit. I loved it. Horses are my favorite animals and shows what's important in life.

Non-FFFBI career choice: I would love to be a veterinarian or an astronomer.

Additional information: I think they should know about me is that I love animals and the solar system learning environment. I'm a caring, loving person, but tough when I have to. Constant bookworm.