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International Survey

Agents from around the world have filled out our survey. Here's what they've told us about their countries.

If you'd like, you too can fill out our International Survey.

Agent Bao sipping tea

Agent Name: Bond

Age: 11

Location: Portland, Oregon USA

Snack supplies for stakeout: Granola bars

Music choice to pass the time: U2's How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

Country description: Some stereotypes of Portland are - many people and buildings. Also farm people. The reality is, my country has a good army, and we are ruled by a president. He rules all of the states, and he's not a king.

Recreation plans: We celebrate birthdays at my grandma's house.

Surveillance notes: In Portland it is rainy and sunny, cloudy and windy. There is also lots of snow. Transportation is a train called a Tri-Met MAX (I don't know what MAX stands for), buses, cars, bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards, scooters, and trucks. People usually wear long sleeves and pants along with nice Adidas or Nike shoes. But in the summer people wear shorts and short sleeves. There is a lot of car honking and people talking and the bustle of people. Some animals that we see are coyotes, squirrels, chipmunks, birds (tons of them), horses, bats, and many reptiles.

Home life after work: My home is big. It's a 3-story house (including the attic) and all four of us (my mom, dad, sister, and I) all have our own room. We have 4 pets: 1 gerbil and 3 hermit crabs. We aren't allowed to watch TV during weekdays, but on weekends I watch a tiny bit.

Non-FFFBI career choice: Zoologist.

Additional information: Some things about me... I love animals. I plan to be a zoologist when I am older. I write stories about a half Irish Leprechaun named Patrick. I think Britain and Ireland rock! I love British Accents! I'm obsessed with Angelina Jolie movies. Guys at my school think British Actress Keira Knightley is attractive.