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Destination: India
presented by Nationalgeographic.com Kids
Agent Nelson
Deputy Director Napoleon
Gita Rai, a bengal tiger

NELSON: But, sir, I've had this vacation booked for six months. I'm going to say no, sir. Can you ask Phelps? He's a bright kid. Smart, agile, brave. He's got reflexes like a cat. Actually, he is a cat, isn't he? He could do it: he'd be perfect. I really need this vacation, especially after that business with the exploding toothbrushes. My tongue is still burned.

NAPOLEON: Okay, Nelson, you're right. Phelps can look after Gita Rai.

NELSON: Gita Rai? This is a bodyguard gig for THE GITA RAI, Bollywood starlet? But... but... but... Phelps is just a kitten. A rookie who's still wet behind the ears. Probably got that way from licking himself behind the ears. Oh, no, you don't want Phelps. He'd probably cough up a fur ball at the first sign of trouble. Tell you what, sir, as a favor to you, I'll go. For the good of the FFFBI.