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Destination: Japan
presented by Nationalgeographic.com Kids
Duty Officer Solomon
Deputy Director Napoleon
Agent Wrist taking notes and talking on a wireless phone

SOLOMON: Might you be referring to Japan, Sir?

NAPOLEON: Yes, that's right. Japan.

SOLOMON: Then I believe you may mean the Land of the Rising SUN. Nippon, the name of Japan in Japanese, means "sun origin."

NAPOLEON: So it does. So it does. And Land of the Rising Bun...?

SOLOMON: That's a bakery down the street — the one with the doughnuts you love, Sir.

NAPOLEON: Ooh! Hey! You're right! Agent Solomon, I have some important... uh... business to take care of, so pick up Agent McGurk, and go talk to Agent Wrist. She'll fill you in on the details. Meanwhile, I'll just be down the street researching some, uh, surveillance or something.