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Destination: Australia
presented by Nationalgeographic.com Kids
Agent Elbow
Agent Wrist
Ziplock bag containing red rocks and dust


ELBOW: It seems that the Bureau's run of bad luck started as soon as the Mail Room opened this bag of strange red rocks and dust. It's labeled, "Wishing You All the Luck that This Gift Brings!"

WRIST: Red dust? Does this have something to do with Mars? I'll bet my eyeteeth that the sneaky hand of CRUST is afoot here.

ELBOW: You might be right about CRUST. The Confederacy of Rascals and Unspeakably Suspicious Troublemakers is always up to no good. But the geological analysis came back from Forensics. They said the rock sample is not from Mars. It's arkose, a rough sandstone rich in feldspar. Very interesting.

WRIST: What's so interesting about this arkose stuff?