Destination: Antarctica
presented by Kids
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** Antarctica's Weather, and What it Means to You! **

FACT: Antarctica is the coldest continent! The coldest recorded temperature was -128 Fahrenheit (-90 Centigrade).
WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Your penguin knees will have a tendency to fall off if you don't dress warmly enough.

FACT: Antarctica is the windiest continent! The strongest recorded wind gusts were 203 miles per hour (327 kilometers per hour).
WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: We recommend you Velcro your hat to your penguin head. Either that or use duct tape.

FACT: The warmest it ever gets is just below freezing, which is 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Centigrade)
WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Don't pack only your bathing suit and swim cap, or you'll freeze your tail feathers off. Bring a parka and snow pants, especially if you're a King Penguin who's gotten soft living in warmer climates.

FACT: Antarctica is the driest continent! Antarctica gets so little precipitation — rain, snow, that sort of thing — that it's classified as a cold desert.
WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: You've probably misread "cold desert" as "cold dessert," and are thinking about ice cream right about now.