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The Agents of the FFFBI need some watching. Who knows what they'll do next? And when they do it—whatever it may be—we'll be there taking notes, telling you things the FFFBI doesn't want you to know.

Tired of getting only the story behind the story? Well, there's only ONE place to get the story next to the story around the corner from the story behind the story—and that's right here. Check out these areas of our site:

The Fly Papers

Through relentless phone calls and never taking no for an answer—not to mention a willingness to dig through piles of garbage at all hours of the night—we get our webbed hands on tons of secret FFFBI documents and mysteries.

Agent Profiles

Learn hidden truths about the Bureau's top Agents. Who's a real weasel? Who appears brave, but is actually a chicken? And who likes to wear women's clothes? (Just the women, it so happens.)

A.P. Wire

All the cold-blooded news that's hot off the Amphibian Press News Service.